2000 – Part One

First Person/opinion: The Intentional Destruction
of Laboriously Engineered Artifacts

You'd think after 10 years Jim would be able to drag his knee for a photographer.
Photo by Louis Gagne/In Your Face Photography.













In November 1999, an emergency convention of the best theoretical physicists in the world was called in Munich. This meeting was required to revise the axioms of the universe. The basic physical laws of nature had been called into question because Army Of Darkness, after four years of trying, had won an endurance title.

Attempting to win an endurance Championship is a little like a space shuttle launch. It takes a vast amount of resources that propels the participants with a momentum well beyond their immediate control. That compelling thrust, once removed, creates the disorienting effects of weightlessness and the classic symptoms of vertigo and nausea.

2000 – Part Two

Sam and Jim practice at AMS. One of them must be wrong.
Photo by Louis Gagne/In Your Face Photography.

Atlanta Motor Speedway
May 19-20, 2000

Since we had utilized our spare trailer tire by the side of the road on our way home from Texas I thought it would be prudent to replace the spare tire and the second axle's tire which had born half the weight of the trailer for a considerable distance.

However, I quickly determined that there was only one trailer tire of the appropriate specification on the entire East Coast. After various amounts of effort the trailer was outfitted, on the right side, with one new tire and one punished used tire, with a spare of the wrong spec (but that had gotten us home 400 miles the prior weekend) stowed in the trailer.

2000 – Part Four

The most common question I am asked at the track is "How much are the T-shirts?" The second most common question I am asked is "Why don't you have better-looking paint jobs on the bikes and bodywork that isn't cracked?" The third would probably be prefaced with "Can I borrow a ________?" Then, tapering off into the realm of "Aren't those black leathers hot in the sun? You aren't really devil worshipers, are you? Is Mark riding with you this weekend? Etc." Some of these questions have relatively simple answers where others are much more complex. For instance, the T-shirts are $13 to $15.

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