Ducati 999 At Willow, Part 3

Carbon is the new Chrome

So you quit racing and you have more money than you know what to do with? Feast your eyes on just a sampling of the accessories Ducati has laid out for you. Although this is just a few of the factory options, assume that any casting is available in magnesium and any sheet metal is available in titanium and you will be close.

If you don’t want to hide your magnesium headlight housing. Seriously, you can buy
the clear bodywork. Just try keeping it clean.


When you absolutely must lose 4.5 pounds off your rear rim.

Paint sold separately.

Sure Red is traditional, but this is beauty.

In the 70s the 900ss shipped with Conti mufflers and 40mm Del’Orto 
carbs in the
bottom of the crate. This is the modern day equivalent, 
but you have to order it separately.

Maybe you can just buy the mag covers for the rear cylinder if you don’t
get the clear bodywork.

One of six optional clutches, four are slipper clutch. Note the two 
piece inner basket
with the little back-torque limiting ramps.

Magnesium swingarm, just in case you don’t want it to clash with the magnesium
Purchasers of the carbon wheels have enough street cred as it is.

So much for paying off the mortgage early!


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