Text and Photos by Sam Quarelli Fleming

Michelin Revolutionizes Performance Street Tires with the Power Pure 

Almeria, Spain

March 9, 2010
Sam Q Fleming

Although I lag behind the US Supreme Court in anthropomorphizing corporations, I get the distinct impression that Michelin is pissed. The $20 billion tire company has repeatedly revolutionized motorcycle tires (radials, dual compounds, penta compounds, infinite compounds, race tires built on demand) only to find themselves locked out of the top levels of competition the world round: MotoGP (spec Bridgestone), World Superbike (spec Pirelli) and the once illustrious AMA Superbike (spec Dunlop).

Bazzaz Performance Traction Control

Extended Review and Turning Tips

by Sam Quarelli Fleming

Confidence. Confidence is the sense of well being that leads us curious primates to spread our arms, breathe deep and take chances. The US economy runs on confidence. When business owners are confident they take out loans, expand, and hire more people. When those people are confident that their jobs are secure they take out more loans, buy houses and cars, and upgrade their cable subscriptions. Those actions in turn increase employment and keep all the wheels turning.

However, when that sense of well being is replaced by a single question of “What if?” the game ends. ‘What if’ housing prices don’t keep climbing? ‘What if’ the dollar continues to slide? ‘What if’ the price of oil goes to $150 a barrel? ‘What if’ I lose my job? Once that doubt enters the collective psyche, society as a whole begins to subconsciously roll the throttle closed and the cycle of lay-offs and pay cuts begins.